About eodin

Designed with you in mind
Small or medium businesses
Civil Associations
Departments within large organizations

Eodin is a platform created by Neurik which lets you create and use database systems in the cloud.

The objective of the platform is to bring technology to millions of people by giving them the opportunity to be more productive through the use of systems.

Therefore, our development relies on the following principles:

  • Ease of use: To create and use systems that others make.
  • Small learning curve.
  • Flexibility so you can make any structured data system.
  • To be the best database systems in the market.
  • 100% available: The service always has to be available.
  • Information Security.
  • Support and good communication (Transparency).

We are 100% confident that we offer a great product and with the suggestions of our customers and the efforts of our team we will be moving every day to offer better solutions.